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Inter Commerce

Typography materials


Inter Commerce - Poligrafia Sp. z o.o. was established in the year 1992 as a part of Inter Commerce holding. The company conducts sales of high quality printing materials and also renders services in the scope of cutting paper into rolls and fixing screens on frames for screen printing. The clients of IC - Poligrafia are publishing houses, printing plants and advertisement agencies. The firm offers the full range of materials used for performing printing services using the following techniques: offset printing aniline printing screen printing.

Our offer includes: 1. Offset printing materials

  • LASTRA - Italy: offset plates, chemicals
  • GIBBON - Great Britain: paints
  • DUCO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED - Great Britain: cylinder dressings of rubber
  • PPS VULCAN CONSUMABLES DIVISION - Great Britain: cylinder dressings on thermoshrinking water rolls
  • AUTOTYPE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED - Great Britain: assembly sheeting, chemicals for screen printing
  • AUGUST GRAEF „GNU” - Germany: materials for production of cardboard boxes
  • WETTEX - Germany: cylinder dressings on thermoshrinking water rolls

2. Paper

  • CARTIERE BURGO - Belgium: label and chalk-overlay paper
  • HAFRESTROMS - Sweden: both sides chalk-overlay paper
  • KOSTRZYŃ - Poland: offset and copier paper
  • METSA SERLA - Finland: label paper
  • AEROCOPY - Slovenia: copying paper

3. Adhesive papers

  • CYG - Spain PANOVAL - Switzerland
  • ADESPAN - Italy
  • SAMUEL JONES - England

4. Photopolymer plates for aniline printing

ASAHI - Japan

5. Materials for screen printing (light-sensitive materials, chemicals, paints, fabrics)

  • SAATI - Italy
  • N.B.C. - Japan
  • ASAHI - Japan
  • GIBBON - Great Britain

6. Adhesive foil

  • RITRAMA - Switzerland
  • CARTONGRAF - Italy

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