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Inter Commerce

Precious stones

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In the year 1997, Inter Commerce started the activity in the branch of precious stones. We are direct importers of emeralds, lapis lazuli, rubies and other precious stones from Afghanistan. In the beginning of the year 1998, we put into operation the most modern gem cutting section and casting shop in Poland along with professional creation of gold and silver jewellery. In cooperation with well-known designers, we create very original gold and silver jewellery using gems finished by us in all forms and kinds of cuts. We conduct sales in wholesale quantities and also cater to individual orders. We also specialise in international trade of Afghan emeralds through trade agencies in Dubai, Shanghai, Berlin and Moscow.. LAPIS LAZULI We offer Afghan lapis lazuli from the region of Badakshan. Due to their beautiful, uncommon colour and high quality, the precious stones mined in this part of Afghanistan are considered the most valuable. This precious stone is presently one of the most chic among the gems in the market. Through its wonderful, intensive dark blue colour, it combines excellently with gold and silver. The other asset of lapis lazuli is its affordable price. EMERALDS We possess a rich offer of Afghan emeralds which are comparable and sometimes even superior to the quality of Colombian emeralds. Besides this, we also offer rubies, sapphires, aquamarines, multi-coloured tourmalines, topaz and other precious stones. From all the precious stones proposed by us, we also make any non-typical and fanciful forms and cuts to individual orders. The firm Inter Commerce guarantees its clients continuity in sales and repeatability in kind and dimension of supply, as also attractive prices to suit the Polish market.

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