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IC is making its presence felt in the market ever more strongly, passing from acquiring and developing land for investment purposes, through investment project service to construction and commercialisation of large undertakings such as shopping and service centres.

In the IC structure, four sections have been organised for servicing this activity: real estate, project preparation, realisation and commercialisation. In all, the office employs 60 persons.

Apart from this, we are cooperating with well-known project offices. The projects section includes three architectonic offices and three utility offices: sanitary, electrical and constructional. The office conducts design works and servicing of investments in two subject groups: own investments and investments entrusted by other firms.

The major projects in the group of own investments are:

  • construction complexes of apartments, boarding houses and holiday flats, with the accompanying shopping, catering and services program in Mikołajki - about 2000 apartments over a total area of 29 ha.
  • adaptation of large farms in the Mazury Lake District into hotel complexes and tourist traffic services (caravaning, camping, sports and recreation areas) - totally 400 ha.
  • conversion of a building from the year 1913 in the centre of Wrocław - 18,000 m2 into a passage of shops, offices, treatment parlours and apartments (with underground parking area)
  • production and storage bay in Wrocław - 10,000 m2,
  • production and storage bay in Otrębusy near Warsaw - 8,000 m2,
  • boarding house for the elderly in Podkowa Leśna near Warsaw,
  • group of residential buildings in Mrągowo (250 flats),
  • hotel in Września near Poznań.


Major subjects in the group of investments entrusted by other firms:

  • Large-city building complex WEST GATE in Warsaw, corner of Al. Jerozolimskie and Towarowa Street - 200,000 m2 - for POLMA S.A.
  • Shopping and services centre with office and apartments building complex in Warsaw, in the area of Rondo Babka (corner of Słomińskiego and Jana Pawła II Streets) - 190,000 m2,
  • Shopping and services centre in Warsaw, corner of Targowa Street and Al. Solidarności - 90,000 m2,
  • Shopping and services centre in the town of Częstochowa, in the area of A. Wojska Polskiego, Al. Jana Pawła II Warszawska Street - 50,000 m2,
  • Shopping and services centre in the town of Szczecin, at Bohaterów Warszawy Street - 80,000 m2.

Objects under construction:

  • complex of objects and equipment for services and shopping associated with the function of recreation in Warsaw, in Powstańców Śląskich Street at the corner of Piastów Śląskich Street - 80,000 m2
  • ice-cream plant in Witebsko.

Objects handed over for utilisation:

  • Hit Hypermarket in Warsaw, at Górczewska Street (in joint venture with Dole Handelsgruppe) - object 10,000 m2, plot 2.5 ha,
  • Hypermarket in the city of Łódź, in Rzgowskiej Street corner of Kolumny (CARREFOUR realisation on the basis of IC permission for construction and on the plot acquired and developed by ICFS) - object 20,000 m2, plot 7 ha,
  • IC’s own seat in Warsaw at 93/105 Ks. J. Chrościckiego Street - object 8,000 m2 plot 2.5 ha,
  • production and storage bay complex in Krubki,
  • shopping and services building in Warsaw - in Myszkowska Street at the corner of Barkocińska Street, 5000 m2.
  • Real estate being developed for investment: Warsaw, Połczyńska Street at Fort Wola - 5 ha (general city functions) Warsaw,
  • Gocław Housing estate - 6 ha (shopping and services centre)
  • Warszawa Wilanów - 20 ha (shopping and services centre, and tenement building), Gdańsk, Al. Grunwaldzka at the corner of Opacka Street - 5 ha (shopping and services centre)
  • Białystok - 8 ha (shopping and services centre)
  • Łódź - 20 ha - area adjacent to the already functioning Trade Centre CARREFOUR (general city, shopping and services functions),
  • Olsztyn - 23 ha - area in the vicinity of the planned Trade Centre for the purpose of recreation, sports and hotel functions,
  • Częstochowa - 6 ha - area adjacent to the planned Trade Centre for the purpose of supplementary services (building materials market, auto show room).


APARTAMENTS IN MIKOŁAJKI Irrespective of the season - Mazury Lake District Inter Commerce investment in the Mazury Lake District is a new and ambitious undertaking which will create comfortable conditions for rest and leisure for lovers of the beautiful Mazury Lakes and the charms of a small, yachting town. The luxurious apartments in picturesque tenement houses in the centre of Mikołajki or in the cosy cottages at its outskirts, new yachting havens, golf courses, tennis courts and indoor swimming pool, squash, bowling alley, amphitheatre - Mikołajki will be an attractive all-year health resort. Owning your own apartment without troubles connected with its maintenance, cleaning and security, place for the yacht and expert service. All the humdrum matters consuming time and energy, can be entrusted to specialised firms of the individual objects. The owners of apartments in Mikołajki will have the possibility of entering into the system of renting them during the period they are not being utilised. Mikołajki, known as the pearl of Mazury, is situated in the centre of one of the most beautiful waterways in Europe, in the isthmus of the lakes of Tałt and Mikołajskie on the extension of Śniardwy - the largest lake in Poland. In summer, the lake attracts a vast number of waterside holidaymakers, and in winter - skiing on the frozen water surfaces or on the snow-covered forest trails. Spreading out from here are numerous hiking and bicycle trails, including to Reszel, Sorkwity (old castle), Łuknajno (landscape park with uncommonly rich variety of water birds). The excellent nature itself, the charms of a small yachting town and the new quality of the infrastructure available, including communication connections with the rest of the country and Europe, point exactly to this spot for realisation of our investment. The complex expansion of Mikołajki is to bring out and improve the character of the little town and its Mazurian climate. We propose the closed-circle elegance instead of a tourist complex. The high standard linked with the unique atmosphere of the Mazurian region. The expansion of the town concerns a few areas. Those who value life in the centre of events and love the hubbub of a yachting town, wish to look through the window and see the boat moored at the central pier of Mikołajki, will choose the "Przyrynek” (at the town square) location. The nearness of the lakeside, the sports and recreation objects, is ensured by the "Stara Plaża" apartments, and the quiet of the exclusive cottages and apartments at a distance from Mikołajki, and situated near the golf course and the yacht club at the ”promontory”, in the present village of Dybowo, near the entrance to the lake Śniardwy.

  1. Przyrynek
  2. Spichlerz
  3. Słoneczny Stok
  4. Długi Targ
  5. Stara Plaża
  6. Dybowo
  7. Club and golf course
  8. Łuknajno


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